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Portal de Belen is a civil non-profit organisation whose mission is to help and defend human life from conception, to support the single mother at risk, pregnant and / or with minor children. It provides emotional containment and homes; it offers shelter, legal advocacy, psychological and educational support, health checks, etc.


  • To defend and work for the permanence of the natural bond between mother and child by providing overall support and assistance to single mothers, giving them the proper environment in which to consolidate and strengthen the relationship with their children.
  • To dignify single mothers by creating the self-esteem that will enable them to achieve fulfillment in their lives, thus enabling them to become pillars of economic and emotional support for their families.
  • To create awareness of this problem within society, by working in the community and within government, corporate networks and intermediate associations against the discrimination of pregnant women and/or single mothers.
  • To protect both mothers and their children from domestic violence.

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